The poem on the quilt

A Tribute to Dr. Ponseti


You could have done what most men do
When life’s been full and night is nigh,
To relish remains of mortal days
Reflecting victory days gone by.

But tapestries are not complete
You knew
Without remaining threads
Of Gold and Silver intertwined
Amidst your sunset’s wispy grays.

Not one was worth your time
To be dismissed by idle rocking chairs.
Your loom spun on unnerved by time;
Co-creating hand of God
In healing tenderness.

Those born of us in twilight years
Through pain and sweat of labor love
From caring arms we sent to rest In yours,
An honored spot of love.
There, childhood dreams were realized;
Fear fell,
Replaced by peaceful hope.
Hearts soared, tears wiped,
Each child set free;
Lives woven in your Tapestry.

Background story on the quilt

The quilt was presented by appreciative “Ponseti baby” parents to Dr and Mrs Ponseti in March 2001. Allyson Egbert, mother of Joshua, who was treated by Dr Ponseti, arranged to have the quilt made and wrote the poem. She used photos of 22 of the Ponseti method babies whose parents had found him through the internet and also a photo of one of the first Ponseti Method babies in Uganda.

It was thought that the quilt could be used to wrap around mothers holding their babies while sitting in the Ponseti wooden rocking chair as Dr Ponseti manipulated their babies’ feet. They decided to put the quilt up in the waiting room of the section where the children are casted at the University of Iowa Hospital Orthopaedic section.

Martin Egbert, Joshua’s father, who has been instrumental in getting the method better known through the internet says: “When Allyson and I first went to Iowa, like many others, we were very nervous, worried, yet hopeful that the Ponseti Method was really possible for our son. We sat in that same waiting area wondering what would happen in the next few minutes as our appointment began. I assume that many other parents feel similarly when they are there for their first visit. I think that it is nice that the quilt with all of those children can be there to help greet each new parent and child and help to provide a welcoming comfort for their visit as well.”