Ponseti method in SA

When our family went to Iowa City for treatment by Dr Ponseti in April 2003, there were no Ponseti trained South African doctors.

Encouraged and supported by Dr Ponseti, we established STEPS SA in July 2005 to introduce and promote the Ponseti method to benefit all Southern African babies born with congenital clubfoot.

Visit the STEPS SA website.

Southern African Ponseti training

ponseti in SA 1July 2006: STEPS SA held its first training in Johannesburg to introduce the Ponseti method to the South African Orthopaedics community, to gain consensus from these doctors that the Ponseti method is the optimum treatment for clubfoot.

November 2007: STEPS SA held a second training in Johannesburg with special focus on clinics in the state sector and rural areas.

November 2007: The first Steenbeek brace training was also held to teach technicians to make a low cost brace option. Chris Hani Baragwanath’s workshop produces 60-70 pairs a month at a fraction of the cost of imports.

The Ponseti method is now integrated into South African medical school curriculum, and is the gold-standard of treatment for clubfoot in South Africa.

Some of the doctors are on the Ponseti International website as accredited Ponseti faculty trainers.

May 2012: STEPS SA participated in the third Ponseti training in South Africa, organised by South African Pediatric Orthopaedics Society (SAPOS), for over 70 delegates from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique.

June 2013: STEPS’ first training in Botswana, at the Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone led to the opening of the Ponseti clubfoot clinic at the hospital in July 2013.

November 2013: STEPS organised the Ponseti training in Namibia, in Windhoek Central Hospital. In April 2013, STEPS had helped to set up a Ponseti clubfoot clinic in the Windhoek Central Hospital, and this training helped improve clinical skills.

ponseti in SA 2

There are more Ponseti trainings planned in Southern Africa for 2014 and 2015.

More details on these trainings can be found on the STEPS website.

There are a number of doctors in Southern Africa who now practice the Ponseti method. Contact us for info about your region, or join a parent support group.

If you are not sure whether your doctor is using the Ponseti method, the Ponseti checklist will give you more information.